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There is many different causes out there in need of a photographer’s assistance!! I suggest that you find the cause that you are passionate about and donate your time and skill. I know that we all don’t have a whole bunch of money to donate but your time and services are just as good!!! if not better.

and yes I do take take pictures in color!! LOL I just have a love affair with black and white photography but I love these guys even more <3

Nicole Cowan-Owner of Sweetellabella Photography and a teacher of those that want to start their own photography journey.



Do not be afraid of criticism from people who think they are better than you.

Do not be afraid to create what you want.

Do not be afraid that the other photographer is “better than you.”

Do not be afraid of what people might say behind your back.

Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Do not be afraid to break the rules and create.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Take what you do and rock the heck out of it and be proud!!

Nicole Cowan – Owner of Sweetellabella Photography and teacher of those that want to start their own photographic journey.



Hello!! I am starting off my new blog for people that want to learn and know more about how to start taking better pics with these awesome DSLR cameras that they bought and they are still on automatic mode and using the kit lens. What are these things you speak of? well I will explain.

I always love when I get the comment, “Oh your camera takes such good pictures.” And to that I would like to answer with, “thanks, I taught it everything it knows.” Although that is the best thing to say I usually just smile and nod then go about my business. People! a camera is just a tool just like paints and brushes are a tool for painters. You can give me the best darn brush and paint there is out there and I am still going to paint you a stick squirrel and give him the name of Sam. The painter uses the brushes to paint but they are the one telling them what to do.

Photography is the art of vision and using your skills to make the viewer see the subject as you do by manipulating light to cause a feeling or emotion. It is one thing to see personal snapshots and feel emotion because you know the story behind the image now taking a photograph and tuning it into art is telling the story without having to explain in words to a complete stranger that has no idea what the story is, and that is the art of photography.

I am not looking to teach people like a professor of photography would, I am looking to guide people so they can create what they envision and take images for themselves. I can only give the technical information and the suggestions on how to improve but in the end where the individual takes it is up to them. No two photographers have the exact same vision and we all see life and process things differently so once learned how, photography will be a way of expression … no two photos will ever be the same.

All the technical stuff is coming out in my first ebook with how to use your camera and the lenses you will need for the trade. in volumes after that and in this blog I really want to touch on the how to take that and run with it to convey and evoke emotion in the viewer of your photography.

I have went into many different aspects of photography and have finally settled on a very narrow version of photography that speaks to me and that I am good at capturing. Are you ready for my lengthy title… I am a lifestyle and fine art photographer of animals and children. That is a lot of words, I know. I tried weddings and I never seemed to like what I did there and then I tried stylized photography with props and it was all too much for me. I tried doing pinups and that too was fun but, just not me. Over the years I found when I was spending time hanging out with children and animals and just following them around I was always relaxed and the whole experience became like therapy to me.

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.” was a quote by Ted Grant that I find to be 100% accurate of how I feel about black and white photography.

My outlook on my subject is not the clothes they wear or even how they look on the outside, I find that my purpose in photography is to show you who they are on the inside. I am sure that is why I have gone this path, mainly due to my own personality and ever since I was a child I could read people like a book. I am a huge observer of human emotion and human expression and I have often many times in life had people tell me that they could not hide their emotions from me and joked if I could read their minds. No mind reading involved I have just always had a knack for picking up on small subtle emotion that lots of other people tend to overlook. I believe in my own way this is why I can pick it up in photography and know where to focus. This is why lifestyle photography or more of a photojouranlistic approach to photography has been what I went for. And this is why the model and vogue type photography is just not my forte. Where other people have a keen eye for color and fashion and posing the human body for different looks I just don’t work that way I guess. Let’s just say if you are looking for a modeling photo or a boudoir photographer heck even a wedding photographer I am just not your gal, but I have some photographer friends that are geniuses at it that I can refer you to.  Find out what you want to be! and you might start taking pictures in a totally different genre and end up taking pics in another that you never thought of as your photography journey goes on.

This is just the first of many things that I have going on inside this crazy brain of mine and why I really think I need to start blogging and writing books to help others start a journey that has meant so much to me and by far photography is the way that I become a better person it is my outlet of emotion and creativity. I thank you for reading and hope that you will enjoy all the posts to come. My book is still in process of being written and all the good spelling and grammer corrections. As you will find is not my strength so I will informally put in an LOL here followed by a 😉

Nicole Cowan

Owner of Sweetellabella Photography and teacher to those that want to start their own photographic journey.



Apr 20, 2016


Coming soon!
Ebook for those that are beginners and have a DSLR camera.
I am writing an ebook to walk you through how to use your camera shooting completely in Manual mode. I also go on to explain what lenses are the best to use for the look you want to achieve. This will be the first in the series of lesson ebooks.
I suggest this to anyone that wants to take more than snapshots and learn how to use a DSLR camera for making art.
You can choose just to purchase the ebook alone or you can also have one on one lessons with me to further understanding and for feedback on the images that you take. I can schedule those through Skype, FaceTime or Google plus hangouts.
More information coming in a few weeks.

-Nicole- owner of Sweetellabella Photography