Earlier this year I started a something that I really wanted to do for a long time! A project for myself and something therapeutic to show the world what I see. All to often I scroll down my Facebook feed and see bad news and quite frankly things that make me sick to my stomach. People hurting each other and animals.

What I really want to say is that Facebook goes nuts and posts go viral but most of the time it is the bad stuff that everyone wants to post, like, and chime in on. It makes things look bleak and scary. If you sit down and get too much of it depression, fear, and hopelessness tend to set in and that is poisonous to the human spirit. There is far more good in this world than bad and I really choose to believe that. Don’t let the media suck you in and spit you out.

Sweet little souls project was my way of trying to defeat that and spreading pictures of the most innocent and pure things we have and that is our children and the animals that God has gifted to us. I feel that even the small amount of people that can see them the way I do as hope, gifts, and I can go on and on with how these sweet little souls touch me.

I hope those that see my pictures can take what I intended them to be with them. Think postive and embrace the good too.

If you have an Instagram I want to see your view of these sweet little souls so hashtag your photo


Thank you!!

Nicole Cowan

owner of Sweetellabella Photography and teacher of those who want to start their own photographic journey